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AFM Vessels of Honour Worship Centre is a Christian faith community representing different backgrounds. A Church where you find Love, Hope, Faith and Family. We invite you to worship with us at 66 Long Lane, 3rd Floor, Walton, L9 7BN, or Connect with us through online via Facebook

We aim to

The theme of the year 2021 is “The Year of High Favour and Influence”  Genesis 41: 39-44. Every year I take time to seek the Lord and ask for a message that will be an encouragement to Believers for the new year. This year, without even asking for a yearly word yet, the Lord spoke to my heart, “2021 will be the year of high favour and influence.” Let me preface this by saying, like all words, this word is for people who will believe it and act on it. Almost all words are subject to obedience, faith and a right heart. This word is no exception. Included in this message I also provide some prayer targets that I hope will be instructional as we enter the new year.  We Need All the Characteristic…

The Apostolic Faith Mission International Ministries Vessels of Honour Worship Centre (AFMIM VHWC) is a Vibrant Pentecostal movement, an integral part of the national community of churches affiliated with the AFMIM (UK) headquartered in South Africa.  We exists to bring people to Jesus Christ. CHRIST offers a scintillating quality of life to a broken world and contrary to popular thought He does not like tedious religion, boredom and sets of rules. He sees the Church which is loaded with excitement, brimming with confidence, and bursting with laughter. We believe God wants you to be victorious in life. Therefore, with honesty and integrity, and in the power of the Holy Spirit, we aim to present a Church that equips and empowers ordinary people to live extraordinary lives, and attempt to provide a centre in your community where you’ll discover hope, faith, family, and love.



  • Jesus Centred
  • Bible Based
  • Holy Spirit Empowered
  • Everyone Matters
  • Committed To Excellence
  • We Dream, Believe And Achieve Together
  • People Of Influence

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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are not meeting at church until further notice. This is in line with the government’s social distancing directive to avoid further spreading of the virus, however we are still open and having online services. Connect with us through our Facebook page for messages every Sunday at 11am.